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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


You're Invited to a Housewarming Party

I'm moving.

I've always wanted to own my own home - both literally and figuratively. We've, of course, already managed to accomplish this in the literal sense. Figuratively, though, I was still "renting" my online space and I thought it was due time to make a change.

If you're interested in the studio project, my never-ending creative to do list, and the little guy - going forward, this will be the place to find all of that and more. I hope that you'll continue to follow along with me there.

The most recent update on the studio project has already been posted over there and I'll definitely make it a point to put together a post sometime in the next few weeks explaining why I made the switch.

If you want to make sure that you definitely don't miss anything, you can also follow along with The Keeper of the Memories on Facebook and Bloglovin'.

Have a great week!


studio sunday - to change or not to change...

I thought it'd be fun to do a sort of process post as i worked through a page.  

I love ink and mist - love them! I use them on, more or less, every page... I started this page by pulling a piece of white grid patterned paper and using stencils w/ distress inks - the colors I used were worn lipstick and salty ocean.

I splattered a couple of color shines - primrose and teal. I really have no rhyme or reason with this type of thing - I literally just splatter it. wherever it ends up is fine with me.

these are the patterned papers I pulled for layering - love these colors!

I also grabbed a heidi swapp memory file. i'm going to write my journaling inside of it...

and then, it was time to layer up the patterned paper... I've gotten to the point in my scrapbooking where I try really hard not to let my perfectionism slow me down. I literally pick up each piece, ink the edges, and slap it down.

after all of my paper elements are added, I tend to splatter a bit of black color shine and ink around the edges of the page as a whole... gotta add just a touch of grunge to all my pink and blue, right? lol...

after that, it was all about finishing touches. I added the title... I didn't want to stitch the memory file closed, so I pulled the layered papers and photo and stitched just those elements. I added a bit of washi.. and, really, the only actual embellishments were a few veneers and buttons.

I love this page - I love everything about it, but especially the colors! this is definitely a color combination - pink and teal - that i'll use again.


so, curious what the story behind this page is and what the journaling might say?

change: (v.) to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone

my one little word for 2014... there's certainly going to be a lot of that next year, isn't there?

there's going to be a little one. my life will no longer revolve around me - around us - around work and scrapbooking. there'll be another little human being whose needs and desires will have to come first - before ours.

in the meantime, i'm going to have to live a healthier lifestyle. i'm not entirely sure what that means quite yet, but i'm working on figuring it out.

I need to start learning how to cook - maybe, even plant a garden in the spring. I need to plan meals ahead of time and shop accordingly. no more stopping somewhere and grabbing something quick to eat because it's easy.

I need to start exercising - walking, maybe... maybe, even yoga. something relatively low-intensity. I already went out and bought a pair of tennis shoes. I also bought several pair of yoga pants - more because they're comfortable, though, than anything else.

I want to make sure I document as much as possible. i don't want to forget a single thing. i want to blog about it - not because i necessarily feel that i'm an authority on any of these subjects - far from it, actually - but because you know what they say, "life is a journey..." and i want to enjoy every moment of it.

i want to remember everything.


have a great weekend!


studio sunday - studio calico december daily kit/our christmas story album

got my studio calico december daily kit and magical 12x12 paper pad in the mail this week... since it seems like all I do these days is sleep, I just got around to opening it up and making the first page tonight.

the album is going to be a 12x12 wrmk kiwi album filled w/ christmas stories - some from our childhoods and some from the last several years that we've been together...


I couldn't even begin to tell you everything I used on this page. the background is tim holtz distress ink and heidi swapp color shine. that's the only problem when you start mixing multiple lines and adding vintage ephemera - you lose track really quickly. lol... if you have any specific questions, definitely leave me a comment and i'll do my best to get you an answer.

don't forget to take the time to capture all of your christmas stories.

have a great week!


project life ideas from someone who's childfree

in the spirit of sharing, i also made a list of project life ideas...
Photo Ideas -

1.       Exercising

2.       Sunrise

3.       Sunset

4.       Furbabies doing their day-to-day thing

5.       Your desk

6.       Your creative projects

7.       Garage

8.       Where you work

9.       Packages that you get in the mail

10.   Boxes from food that you ordered

11.   What you’re building/fixing

12.   Rearranging

13.   Favorite food

14.   The things you have to do each day

15.   Just hanging out

16.   A mess

17.   Your calendar

18.   Technology

19.   Foods you’ve cooked – include a recipe if you can

20.   Your artwork

21.   Home improvement projects

22.   Wildlife on your property

23.   Bags from shopping

24.   Working on a car/your vehicles

25.   Books you’ve bought/read

26.   Your personal space/studio

27.   Bikes, quads, etc.

28.   You or your s/o

29.   Favorite makeup/hair products

30.   Seasonal upkeep – cutting wood, mowing grass, etc.

31.   Favorite drinks

32.   What’s cooking?

33.   The road you’re traveling on

34.   A walk in the woods

35.   A fun bulletin board

36.   Your journal and a pen/pencil

37.   Cutting down a tree

38.   Boating/Water skiing/Jet skiing

39.   A river

40.   Fireworks

41.   Invitations or thank you notes you’ve sent/received

42.   Scrubbing carpets

43.   Vacuuming/cleaning

44.   Your favorite restaurants

45.   The Olympics/election

46.   A pile of junk around the house

47.   School supplies

48.   School books

49.   Inspiration board

50.   Vacations/weekend trips

51.   Shoes

52.   Demolition derby/county fair

53.   Mini-golfing

54.   A fire – campfire/fire in a wood burner

55.   Basket of something special to you

56.   To do list

57.   A rainbow

58.   A baseball game

59.   The leaves falling off the trees

60.   Storm

61.   Out with friends

62.   Your weight on the scale

63.   Your bed made

64.   You on the computer

65.   Your nieces/nephew/BF’s little ones

66.   You in your jammies

Memorabilia Ideas –

1.       Boating license, marriage license, etc.

2.       Receipts from Two Peas

3.       Class schedule/work schedule

4.       Grade reports

5.       Handwritten notes from your s/o


7.       Lyrics from your favorite songs

8.       Gas/grocery prices

9.       Receipts from restaurants

10.   Bus schedule/parking validation

11.   Cards you’ve received

12.   Wrist bands from special events

13.   Expired driver’s license/ID

25 december daily photo ideas from someone who's childfree...

there've been alot of posts lately on two peas, especially from peas without kids, about whether or not doing december daily or project life is really worth it - because they think their lives are boring...

i don't have kids and i've done both project life and december daily this year and i can assure you it's worth it! i love looking at the interesting collection of pictures that represent the everyday stuff that life is made of.

here are 25 december daily photo ideas from someone who's childfree...

1.       Elf on the Shelf in the box

2.       Elf on the shelf, on a shelf

3.       The Tupperware boxes with the Christmas tree in them

4.       The Christmas tree

5.       Thor lying on my bed

6.       Pillsbury cinnamon rolls – my favorite snack

7.       My order from Two Peas

8.       DH welding something in the garage

9.       The scrap yard where I work when it’s raining

10.   What’s on my desk

11.   Thor lying on the lounge chair in our bedroom

12.   “Screenshot” from the Elf on the Shelf TV special

13.   DH working on the plow on our new truck

14.   One of the canvases I made

15.   December sunrise

16.   DH and his dad working on the truck

17.   My BF’s little guy

18.   My Yule candles

19.   Thor, lying on the floor, eating a wrapping paper tube

20.   The Christmas presents under the tree

21.   My desk, working on Brave Girl Art School

22.   DH and I together in front of his mom’s Christmas tree

23.   Thor lying in front of the Christmas tree

24.   Thor playing in the snow we got the day after Christmas

25.   Thor lying on the floor with the wrapping paper from DH’s present



life ain't always beautiful...

finished up another one of the scarlet lime mixed media kit projects tonight...

this was alot of fun! i actually wasn't really too sure about this at first... lol... i'm sure this is a technique, though, that i'll go back to over and over again... it looks so awesome, don't you think? love the bright colors peeking out from underneath...

happy tuesday!


makin' a list - or three of them for 2013...

this year, i made a list of twelve new habits - needless to say, i didn't really stick with the idea.

for next year, i intend to make goals that are a bit more attainable, especially considering i'm also taking classes part-time at the local community college as well as working 50ish hours a week.

i've already created a schedule for next semester. work, classes, and study time are established. i also set specific time to spend in my studio. the majority of which will be "studio sunday" - my regularly-scheduled time to work on art journaling/mixed media/scrapbooking projects.

this year, i took karen grunberg's reclaiming my time class on bpc - i noticed her blog post about making three lists, so i thought i'd give it a try as i formulate my goals for next year.

first and foremost, are work and school. those have to be my top priorities.

after that, it's finishing up unfinished projects.


1. project life - i'm hoping to get a seafoam core kit as soon as they hit amazon
2. mmew - took this class w/ cathy z this year - managed to quit smoking
3. olw - i've done this for the last two years - i don't always do all the prompts, but...

so, here are my three lists for 2013.

what do i want to learn?
1. start running
2. work with a nutritionist
3. focus/balance
4. develop my own personal style in my art

what do i want to do more of?
1. reading
2. writing
3. art journaling
4. scrapbooking

what fulfills me (or honors a value i have)?
1. promote awareness
2. acceptance
3. bravery
4. happiness - my version of "the happiness project"

i'll come back and add to this in the next few weeks.

have a great weekend!


studio sunday - journal in a jar

i spent some time today putting together what i'm going to call a journal in a jar.

it's a jar full of art journaling-related things on pieces of paper, ranging from colors to techniques to products.

if you're interested in knowing what all made it into the jar, here's the list:

colors: monochromatic, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, tan, brown, black, gray, clear
geometry: circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, hearts, arrows, hexagons, chevrons, grid
surfaces: song lyrics, poetry, old envelope, handwritten note, book paper, sheet music, tissue paper/sewing pattern, tags, tickets, fabric, patterned paper, vellum, graph paper, canvas, washi tape, confetti, sequins, micro beads
ribbon, fiber, thread, baker's twine
texture: brayer, sponge, cheese cloth, bubble wrap, shelf liner, punchinella, doilies, roller stamps, foam stamps, rubons
techniques: resist, collage, ephemera, stamping, doodling, masking, stenciling, paper piecing, mosaic, handmade mask/stencil, handmade stamp, heat embossing, dry embossing, hand lettering, handwriting, finger painting, batik, photo tinting, image transfer, gesso etching, machine stitching, hand stitching
products: spray ink, acrylic paint, alcohol inks, pens, pan pastels, modeling paste, glass beads, mod podge, india inks, crackle paint, heavy body acrylic, clear embossing powder, utee, perfect pearls, chalks, watercolors, stickles, glitter, crayons, bleach, distress inks, distress stains

wow! what a list!

here's the finished journal in a jar:

i have no idea where this little jar originally came from, but i loved the lid, so... the tag was made on kraft with dylusions ink spray and glimmer mists, bombay inks, watercolors, and thickers. i also used a few of my favorite stamps for the background. i tied the tag to the lid with fibers and baker's twine.

such a cute little project - love it! i'm going to use it for the art journaling challenge on two peas and for days when i need just a little inspiration...

where do you get inspiration from? leave me a comment and let me know.

happy sunday!


twas the night before december 1st

i spent some time today getting my project life and december daily stuff reorganized...

the first picture is my project life workspace. thus far, i have a total of two core kits - cherry and clementine. as soon as it comes out, i want to pick up seafoam for next year - love it! the third picture is the basket that holds extra journaling cards and accessories.

i pulled out my december daily stuff as well - there are a few more things coming sometime in the next day or two from my most recent two peas order...

i just have this stuff on the floor in front of my project life workspace for right now - as i walk past, i've been adding to it - tossing in some star push pins, some fibers, etc.

tomorrow, i plan on setting up the tree and kickin' off december daily.

are you doing a december daily or project life? leave me a comment and let me know!

have an awesome weekend!


studio sunday - look, a squirrel!

i started to clean up and reorganize today - notice the piles?

it's, apparently, just the way i think and/or work. lol...

i "found" the basket that had all the scarlet lime mixed media kits in it - it was pushed back behind my plife workspace... i started working on one, and before i knew it, i had four out, all over the place, in various stages of completion - that really is just how it works with me. i like to "batch" mixed media/art journaling projects because of the drying time between each layer, so... here are a few pictures to prove it...

the point was to start getting the projects done and putting the remainder of the supplies away, instead of them sitting in a basket collecting dust - it was "mission: use your stash." lol... i'm hoping to get all eight of these projects finished up in the very near future. i do, however, need to stop at m's and buy a few more canvases.

i managed to start six of the eight this evening. as soon as i get a few more canvases, i'll start the last two.

if one of these projects sparks your interest, you can find christy tomlinson's behind the art videos here.

check out this canvas - love this spray ink! it's the ranger dylusions ink spray. i've never run across anything quite this crisp/clear...

the stencil is a ranger dylusions stencil (letter jumble).

i also ended up putting all of my art journal pages from the last few weeks into my 5.5x8.5 binders - the random pages are in one and the truth or dare challenge pages are in another...

last, but not least, i organized all of my 6x6 paper pads into this little canvas basket - got it at staples a while back. it matched my pink baskets, so i just had to have it. lol...

happy sunday!


art journal challenge. truth or dare #2.

here's the link to this week's challenge: art journaling challenge. truth or dare #2.

here's my take on this challenge...

i started with a blank page - just gesso on it for now.

used a few different shades of blue spray inks to create the background - glimmer mists and bombay inks. the circles are done with watercolor and outlined with a black pitt pen.

a bit more doodling - drew some little squares - outlined them - filled them in with bombay inks. used a crafter's workshop stencil for the hex design.

added lots of stamping - mostly tim holtz stamps.

lots more stamping, some doodling - added some stars with a crafter's workshop stencil (the same one that has the punchinella and hex designs).

added some journaling - i love circles and i love to journal around circles. lol...

happy sunday!

art journaling challenge. truth or dare.

so, i missed the art journaling challenge at two peas and offered to keep something going...

this is what i came up with: art journaling challenge. truth or dare.

and this is my take on it:

i'll be posting another challenge on sunday, if you're interested in playing along... i know there's quite a few peas that art journal, so i'm really hoping we can grow this challenge...

hope you enjoy it!


art journaling challenge

not too long ago, someone started posting art journaling challenges on two peas - i wanted to play along. here are my first three pages:

"i will"

spray ink
paper collage

"i am grateful for"

journaling reads: "sometimes, i absolutely cannot believe the irony of life... i will never get over certain things and, maybe, that's the point - that i'm not supposed to... that i am grateful for each and every experience - good or bad - that i'm forced to endure.

love it, especially the sheet music!

have a great week!


rearranging and reorganizing/project life workspace

i've been telling dh for the longest time that i needed a separate workspace for project life - it's just too much of a pain in the ass to get everything out, work on it on my main workspace, then put it all away again to work on something else.

we had an old desk in the living room - we actually have all kinds of old furniture downstairs until we remodel. lol... i made him help me bring the desk upstairs and i started doing what i do best - rearranging and reorganizing...

i always make a huge mess, don't i?

at any rate, this wasn't really planned, but it turned out awesome, atleast in my opinion... i can't wait to actually play (i still have a bunch of stuff to clean up in here).

the black curtain matches the one over the bookcases - love that! this is, more or less, all of my embellishments. there are a few jars of buttons on the other organizer on my other workspace, but aside from that - this is it... on the shelves - flowers, sequins, and rhinestones. the iris cases are my "color kits" - want to take a look inside? check out this post.

so, here it is, more or less, finished.

the basket holds all of the embellishments that were set aside specifically for project life. there's, ofcourse, enough space for my album, so i can add to it throughout the week. the colander is going to temporarily hold ephemera.

totally awesome! now, to fill it up...

do you keep your project life album sitting out and add to it throughout the week or do you work on it in one sitting each week? leave me a comment and let me know.

have a great weekend!

retail therapy

sometimes, i think i enjoy shopping more than anything else. in my world, the best therapy is retail therapy. lol...

i've had a rough few months. i've been edgy and irritable and - well, not exactly thrilled about things. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love college. i love my classes - hell, i've already picked my classes for next semester. i love my job - it's me, if that makes sense - constantly changing/never a dull moment.

since i quit smoking, i've been less of my usual resilient self - it definitely doesn't help that there are some other things going on, but i think the biggest factor is that - without nicotine, my body just doesn't know how to cope with stress. it's not even a conscious thing. like i said, i've just been abnormally pissy and it's not like i'm the most social person to begin with - so, even i know, i've been downright impossible to get along with.

at any rate, that means i've had alot of time by myself to think about things.

i made a new rule for myself - i have to atleast go sit down in my studio everyday. i don't have to do anything - just sit there. if i do something, great. if not, that's fine too. it just seems that lately, more often than not, i've been avoiding my studio... it's complicated - i haven't written a blog post in over a month. i've barely been on two peas. i haven't created anything. i have, however, been working and going to classes, so... it's not like i haven't been doing anything. i just haven't been feeling it, if you know what i mean. creativity can't be forced, right?

so, yesterday - yesterday, i went to pat catan's and michael's. i thought some retail therapy might be good for not only my disposition, but also my creativity...

i am absolutely in love with this 7 gypsies photo shadowbox tray! remember, the one i did a few weeks ago? love it so much that i thought i'd do a larger one... i'll be sure to post it when i'm done.

i love art journaling - this is the second issue i've bought. pat catan's is the only place around here that i've found it. i ordered the 3x4 grid cards from amazon for when i put my plife together. i also got the 4x6 pack as well. neocolor II's need no explanation - they're my absolute most favoritest (i know, not even a word, right?) watercolors. oh, and the little 7 gypsies canvas mini? too cute to pass up!

so, when you're having a crappy time and things just aren't going your way, what's your special something that you do for youself? leave me a comment and let me know!

have a great weekend!


studio sunday - organize your stuff challenge (round 6). weeks 2&3. brainstorming & start small or go for broke.

welcome to weeks 2&3!

here's the link to week 2. brainstorming.

as far as what i want - i really don't know... all this time, i thought what i wanted was an entire room, well-stocked, dedicated to art - but in all reality, i scrap/create a very small fraction of what i used - because i'm overwhelmed, maybe? not sure... because there's too much stuff in there to be inspiring? i suppose it's a possibility... because i accumulated all sorts of things - not really knowing what my style was? i'm sure that has alot to do with it...

so, here are the photos of my space - prior to any more organizing...

psst... here's what i've forgotten to mention thus far... purging does not (in any way, shape, or form) come naturally to me - i'm one of those people that strongly feels that i'll find a use for it - whatever it is - maybe not today, but one of these days... i think the first thing i'm going to do is bring a big tupperware container up here - that'll be my lose it "pile."

i really, really want to "use it or lose it." lol...

here's the link for week 3.

just for fun, since i'm not actually "going for broke" - here's a picture from when i did...

yes, there are walls and carpet in this room. surprising, right?

here's what I started working on this week...

if you haven't noticed, i love this stencil! lol...

have a wonderful week!

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