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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


a little bit of everything...

wow! I think I'm finally finished packing. lol...

crazy, right? I still have quite a few things to do tomorrow, but I think we can officially check packing off that list.

I had an insanely-difficult time deciding what to take and what not to... curious what made the cut?

I worked on a basic tool kit the other day.

ofcourse, the 30 or so mixed media backgrounds I made last night - that was a no-brainer. there's also a total of about 100 pics - everything you could possibly imagine from pics of me to pics of us and the dogs - I like options...

also, my "WIP kit" - basically, it's all the extras from my most recent pages - mixed media backgrounds, printed pics, and patterned papers. the scraps get tossed in as well. hoping to eventually use it all. in the meantime, though, it's one of the first things I grab when I want to make a page.

these are kits I put together quite a while ago, so I want to get them used up as well...

a couple of newer collections - hello again, wild & free, and finnley...

I also tossed in a few of last year's kit club kits from noel mignon and citrus twist. there's an extra pack of white cardstock too - just in case...

these are all of the miscellaneous embellishments - die cut tickets, 2 rolls of twine, some flair, enamel dots, ephemera packs, etc.

i made sure to pick out approximately 10 packs of thickers and 10 sheets of letter stickers. i tried to stick with mostly black and white, with a few other colors thrown in that i know will match the kits & collections i packed.

I also grabbed a jar of sequins and put together small bags of mixed veneers and odds 'n ends...

and, last but not least, just a few of my beloved art supplies. because I took the time to prep backgrounds, I didn't need inks and mists, so I just grabbed watercolors, a few stamps, and some washi... hoping that's enough to finish things up...

what a project! lol...

i've learned a very valuable lesson from this - i'm not someone who can easily scrap away from home... i'm used to being amidst all of my supplies and not having to pick and choose. i'm used to having access to whatever i want/whenever i want...

what about you? are you an away from home scrapbooker or do you prefer to be amidst all of your supplies? leave me a comment and let me know.

p.s. - if you happen to notice anything important that i might've forgotten, feel free to let me know that as well... 

have a great night!


  1. Great job packing up supplies! I like that you are using kits and also packing in some free-range supplies, too! I spy a few of my favourite supplies... the water soluble crayons and that aqua washi with the roses on it! :)
    I rarely crop away from home, but when I do, I fill up a box of my favourite supplies. Stack of paper, cardstock, jars of embellishments. tools.

  2. You are so organized, you're going to have a great time!

  3. Looks like you're set.
    It is really hard for me to prepare to scrap away from home, but I find that I get creative when I don't have that exact thing I'm looking for. So it all works out. Have fun!

  4. Ah! I wish I was going so we could meet!

  5. I never get anything done away from home because I love to talk waaaay too much! Have a great time!

  6. I am definitely a stay-at-home with all my junk kind of scrapbooker. I have gone away to work on a project, only to leave several pages incomplete, awaiting things I didn't bring. I found that very frustrating.
    It looks like you're all set though. Have fun!


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