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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


now, the real fun begins...

so, being back from st. louis means it's back to reality and the daily grind, unfortunately...

I have to, at some point, unpack.

I can assure you it's going to take forever to get everything unpacked, especially w/ operation downsize fully underway.

one of the highlights of the weekend was getting a couple of unexpected gifts for me and the little guy...

from one of the girls, carta bella's rough & tumble line.

from my pen pal, look at the adorable baby clothes... and this little blanket is so soft! love it all!

shoulder bag

thanks so much you two! you're both so sweet!

I learned quite a bit about myself over the course of this weekend.

first of all, someone mentioned scrapbook generation having sketch books, so I bought one on one. I actually bought the ebook format, so... I figured the next time I go to a crop, I can take the tablet w/ me and use the sketches. eventually, maybe, i'll collect them all.

I learned that I seriously need some crop bags - the suitcase, the iris cases, and the messenger bag just weren't cutting it. to add to the pain, all of my basic tools were tossed in a 13x15 ziploc. I really like the wrmk ones, so the 360 bag and the shoulder bag have officially made their way onto my wish list.

the biggest lesson I learned this weekend is that I am definitely not productive in this type of environment, which is fine. hello adhd! lol... I figured it would be the extreme one way or the other. I just wasn't too sure which way it would go. I packed enough to do approximately 50 pages and did 8. some of that was definitely being pregnant, sick and tired. in all reality, I felt crappy most of the weekend. overall, though, I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again - sometime, after the little guy is born, ofcourse.

the other thing I noticed is that I have a really hard time working w/ kits and only having limited supplies. we each had a 6ft. table and I had everything scattered everywhere to the point of not being able to find anything, which is normal for me here - i'm actually surprised I didn't end up on floor like I do at home. lol... all weekend, I sat there and talked to myself, saying "where is..?" I mean, I talked to the girls as well, but... I'm just so used to scrapping alone, to being in my own little world with just the dogs here that I guess I honestly didn't even realize to what extent I could carry on a conversation w/ myself.

basically, most of the things I learned relate to productivity and organization - two things that aren't my strengths to begin with. I've realized you need to have a plan and pack accordingly if you're going to scrapbook away from home.

better luck next time, right?

do you have a plan for when you go to a crop? do you work on one specific project - for example, project life? do you work on individual pages? leave me a comment and let me know.

have a great week!

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  1. The last time I went to a crop, I became the one everyone hated. Organized and focused to a fault. I was quite aware of the conversation and laughter going on around me, but nothing could deter me from the task at hand. I finished an entire album in 2 hours. From scratch. I was the only one to finish. We all started with the same supplies, same number of pages. And, actually, I left before anyone else. I probably could have relaxed and socialized a little more. After all, I don't often get those types of opportunities.
    Adorable baby gifts by the way.


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