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-Thomas Merton


amy tangerine plus one and some thoughts on budgeting...

look what showed up last night? the last of the scrapbooking supplies I ordered.

absolutely love this line - it's gorgeous! have half a mind to hold onto some if it, just in case we have baby #2 anytime in the near future. lol...

the real question, though, is did I need this line in it's entirety? we won't even get into how much that cost. suffice it to say, i'm probably never going to want to look at it again by the time it's gone - if I can even manage to use it all.

for years, I've been recklessly buying scrapbooking supplies - haven't paid too much attention to what or why - there's really been no rhyme or reason to it - like it, buy it...

I really didn't even realize how much stuff I had until I started trying to make space for the little guy - I packed over a dozen tupperware boxes, filled his closet, and still had to bring things into our room.

I've spent a lot of time thinking lately. it might be time to chill... I mean, there are certain things I need to buy:

1. white cardstock
2. photo paper
3. adhesive
4. printer ink
5. albums
6. page protectors

without those things, I can't scrapbook at all. wouldn't that be a shame? lol...

let's see how long I can last without buying anything unnecessary. we'll see if I can get through the last 16ish weeks of my pregnancy + my 6-8 weeks of maternity leave.

are you chilling? leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing with your budget, if you have one.

have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun goodies, would like to see what you do with this bold line! I reduced my budget this year and so far so good. Of course, the new lines I want haven't come out yet, so we'll see... :)

  2. I have always wanted to try scrapbooking... well, beyond the tiny bit I have tried. I see others doing this and it is such an art and the books that they make are so beautiful.

  3. At a glance, that line looks wonderful.
    We run a tight budget here, but it is my Husband's goal to retire at 40, and this is his year! So excited to have him at home full time.

  4. I have always had to stick to a budget, as I didn't discover scrapbooking until I was on maternity leave and I haven't gone back to work (nearly 6 years later), so hubby's salary has to cover everything. I still get to buy a lot of what I like, but I tend to fill an online basket with everything I want, then I go back and halve it before I buy it - it's a good trick as I rarely regret something I took out of the basket! x

  5. I'm not good at a scrapbook budget. I love new goodies but really don't buy too much to often. I think I could scrapbook for the next ten years and not buy a thing. But there are times I give in and places a large order or buy to much at a scrapbook store.

  6. I am guilty of buying supplies just because I love them and then not using the supplies because (a) I can't remember where I put them (b) I don't remember buying them at all or (c) I want to use them sparingly because I love them so much I don't want to use them up.

    Finally, I have a dedicated room for crafting and I am using up what I have and having fun.

  7. Oooh, I love happy mail! Personally, I have a pretty sizable amount of disposable income and live well above my means but the combination of not having a specific craft room so supplies have to either be in the kitchen, lounge or my bedroom helps to put some limitations on how much I can reasonably keep. Also, the insane cost of overseas shipping to Europe helps significantly. I usually limit myself to a box of goodies every second month, although my last purchase was in November and I haven't gotten back into scrapping much yet due to the holidays and busy work life so I have plenty of product to use up. Have fun shopping your stash for a while!

  8. Looks scrumptious, especially the floss.


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